Hi, my name is Greet

want to know who i am?

Hello and welcome to this website!

My name is Greet.

I am a mother, a Shiatsu and Yoga practitioner and 'momtrepreneur'. I am a music teacher and I love to travel. I love the feeling of freedom that comes along with traveling. Being an Up With People alumni I learned that music is a universal language.

I adore everything that has to do with purity: pure living, pure nature, pure sound, pure beauty, pure oils... Life 'pur sang'.

I aid people in their personal growth journeys to finding a more balanced life through individual sessions, classes and workshops I organize around the utilization of  Young Living essential oils and products. 

My Young Living involvement began when my three children were small and I needed to find a different way to tackle some daily life issues. I was amazed by the results I was experiencing; therefore, I wanted to learn more about it. Through training and my attendance of international conventions, I have become an expert. My background as a shiatsu therapist and yoga teacher for kids & teens helps me to identify peoples’ needs. The recommendations always emanate from a holistic point of view for the purpose of moving forward into the best version of one’s life and being.

It is my pleasure to help you achieve your dream as

'All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them'!

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Young Living essential oils allow healthy ways to support and overcome every day issues with which you and your family deal.

The vision of Young Living is to bring essential oils to every home or lifestyle. The unique Seed to Seal® process is their commitment to all Young Living users. Young Living embraces this rigorous quality control standard to help ensure their products meet strict specifications. Seed to Seal is a set of standards that helps ensure every pure essential oil and Young Living product, allowing for the enjoyment of the benefits of global resources, industry leadership, and over two decades of innovation. With Young Living you have a pure and authentic essential oil product!

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Want to love your job? Want to set you own hours, work from home and be your own boss?  

Want to help people live their best, healthy life in a natural way? Want to work and live in a non-toxic environment?  

Want to connect with people locally, nationally, internationally? Do you enjoy sharing stories with friends or your community? Would you enjoy being part a supportive and international team? (Gosh, did I tell you I love international contacts?)

Imagine a career that becomes a community, where wellness is a way of life and doing what you love leads naturally to success. If your answer was YES to any of the above, we would love to welcome you to our team!!!